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  • Telehealth

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    Due to the circumstances of COVID-19, telehealth became a way for people to continue seeing their therapist via online video or phone calls. Even as COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, many people are finding they prefer online therapy over in-person.

    Delivering care remotely allows more people, including those who are geographically isolated or lack access to child care or transportation, to receive counseling services. It can be extremely helpful to people who have a hard time leaving the house or experience anxiety about seeing a therapist. It can also help address the stigma for individuals seeking psychological services for the first time. Telehealth can be done from a laptop, or even a smartphone, allowing the patient to be where they are most comfortable when they receive treatment. 

    My office is located off of Mt. Vernon St. in Prescott, AZ and I provide in-person therapy to people who live in the area. I am offering telehealth therapeutic services in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Utah in addition to Arizona. During quarantine, I saw the opportunity online therapy provided for me to reach people across the nation and jumped at it. I am working on getting licensed in additional states so I can continue to treat people across the country. Your location or accessibility to a therapist’s office should not effect your treatment and recovery in therapy. 

    Our telehealth services are provided through a HIPAA compliant video counseling platform. All documents and video session links are managed through secure client portal. To learn more and get started with virtual therapy, please contact us today