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    Engaging in Counseling is Caring for You

    One of the biggest misconceptions about counseling is it is intended only for people with serious problems, clinical mental illness, dysfunctional environments or severe traumas. The reality is counseling has the potential to help with nearly every aspect of life, from the seemingly benign to the most devastating.

    Counseling provides an important perspective from outside an individual’s established system; serves as a life audit from a trained, unbiased professional who has your best interest in mind. A counselor can piece together correlations and causations for behavior and feelings that are difficult to connect on your own.

    Counseling is like exercising, the more consistently you engage, the stronger , more resilient you become. It’s like training a muscle, except that muscle is your brain.

    About David Lawson, LPC

    Enhancement of emotional health, wellness, and fitness is the focus of my practice; I team up with kids, adolescents, adults, couples and families to identify possible barriers to achievement, develop plans to facilitate positive achievement.